Hello, my name is Pete and I like pease pudding.

Pete’s Puddin’ is the first ever range of pease pudding offering a variety of flavoured puds!
We call it proper pease because we think it’s proper tasty.
Also, as a bairn I referred to all of my Mam’s home cooking as ‘proper’, favourites included her proper spaghetti bolognese, proper marshmallow rice crispy cake and of course her ‘proper pease pudding’.

The idea to offer a range of flavoured pease puds was born from a feeling that one of our regions fondest dishes was slightly under represented at the local produce markets.
And rather than offer a similar product to the pease that is currently available, I felt that there was room to offer something a little different.
If our company has a goal, it is to add something of value to our amazing regional cultural landscape and may even make it even just a tiny bit richer in the process!

What is Pease Pudding?

To the uninitiated, pease pudding is a delicious savoury food, low in fat, full of vitamins and a great source of protein and carbs.
It is made from boiling Yellow Split Peas down into a paste which can then be enjoyed hot or cold.

Traditionally the peas would be wrapped in a muslin cloth a popped in a pot of water with veg and perhaps a ham joint!
Particularly popular in the North East of England, if you are looking for a real traditional taste of the region, look no further than pease pud!

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